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Hear Abouts was created following the 2005 Parish Plan consultations. It is a completely independent organisation and is now governed by a Constitution based on a Charity Commission model. Our aims are:

To promote and strengthen the community life of Eglingham Civil Parish (“the Parish”)by producing and delivering free to every household, in the Parish, a news magazine with information and articles relevant to the Parish, without distinction of political, religious or other opinion. The organisation to be not for profit and to remain independent of any political or commercial enterprise.

The Editorial Team currently comprises:

Editor - Andy Gray
Secretary & printer - Geoff Osmond
Treasurer - David Marshall
Team members - 
            Bill Purvis
            Ian Grant
            Malcolm Angus
            Shirley Wright

Distribution is co-ordinated by Liz Grant and individual deliverers are scattered through the parish.

The magazine is produced 10 times per year, with double editions for Dec/Jan and Jul/Aug

The intention is that it is written by the community for the community but we have to actively encourage contributors, of whom we have many regulars.

We always welcome constructive feedback and most importantly material for publishing.

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Contact Andy by email on hearabouts@outlook.com
Please note that this email is only checked at times when issues are prepared, please don't expect immediate replies.


Submission Guidelines

Hear Abouts is all about you the reader within our Parish. It is written by yourselves (or by those just beyond our borders) and without those submissions there would be no Hear Abouts.

Just a few things to note while submitting content to us which helps us out though.

  • Please email all content to the email address hearabouts@outlook.com and no other. There is less chance of it getting lost and forgotten about then.

  • Deadline for content is the 20th of each month.

  • Please send content typed in an attached document file (eg Word). Please name the file with the article title, or be descriptive in it. It gets a little confusing when you have 4 files all called hear_abouts_artcle.docx

  • Pictures make things pretty! If you have an image to accompany then article great! Pictures tell a thousand words! A good size image helps us deliver a quality print. So ideally images should be around 2000 pixels on the longest edge. Please remember to own or have permission to use the picture you send. Even as a non-profit we are liable to claims of using copyrighted images, even within our small print run.


How does 'Hear Abouts' happen?

Andy and team members chase people for articles and write pieces, regular contributors submit, we have a monthly editorial meeting to generate ideas and articles. 

Andy edits it together using professional software and sends it to me. I adjust a few printer settings then run off the edition which currently stands at 246 copies. These are then hand collated and put individually into a folder stapler machine, then packed into bundles for each delivery route and taken to Liz for onward distribution. Liz has her own delivery route and drops off the individual deliverers bundles and they then walk or drive their routes to pop them through letterboxes. We offer a service to local groups whereby we will insert flyers and deliver those with the regular Hear Abouts.

Not on the physical distribution area and would like the next edition as a  digital copy in pdf format? Fill this in...

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A potted history of the 'Hear Abouts' (by Geoff)

The Eglingham Parish Plan 2005 identified a desire to have a parish newsletter. At a village open meeting Geoff Osmond volunteered to be editor. The Parish Council backed the idea in principal but wanted to see that it could work before formalising support.

September 2006 saw the first edition. 150 copies were run off on a home printer which took over ten hours to print. Hand folded and hand stapled - 4 hours of utter boredom - then distributed by Liz Grant, Jean North, Mig Slater and others.

A plea in the second edition led to several meetings with potential helpers and an editorial team was formed; Marion Tonge - advertising, Tracy Coxon - graphic design, Bill Purvis - treasurer, me as editor and printer.

We tried all sorts of ideas; informative pieces, prize quizzes, competitions, letters column, travel pieces, recipes, for sale notices, as well as promoting local events and sharing local news.

Next 3 editions were on the home printer but this was never sustainable. Bill  located a potential grant giver, The Leader Gold Awards, and we got a grant for a heavy duty colour printer and a folding machine. This was a major step forward but it left us the problem of paying for ink and paper for a print run that had now increased to nearly 200 copies, a cost of around £85 per edition. Our constitution's aim was to deliver free to every household in the parish and surrounding hamlets and ideally to keep adverts in the newsletter to a minimum. But we had to generate some advertising revenue.

Marion Tonge, with the tenacity of a terrier, visited every small business in Alnwick to persuade them to take an advert. Unfortunately with such a small circulation many businesses did not feel it was viable to advertise with us. But Marion persisted and it brought in a small but vital stream of money. We applied to every organisiation we could think of for sponsorship. The Duke of Northumberland gave us £100, Alnwick's Rural Business Initiative could not give us direct funding but took a years worth of advertising in advance. We did printing for local groups on a "cost plus donation" basis which helped subsidise our running costs. We approached the Parish Council for funding and they generously gave us £300 for 2 years running, going a long way to securing our position.

We also received a big boost when the local ‘Footsteps in the Past’ project won Awards 4 All funding and chose us to print their leaflets. We had now expanded circulation to Brownieside, Old Bewick, and New Bewick, as they had seen the newsletter and asked to be included.

Additional to the editorial team, Liz Grant was co-ordinating the deliveries and had built up a group of volunteers to get the newsletters delivered using a cascade system.

Regular contributors were acquired and Hear Abouts became well established as part of our community fabric.

After 4 years the original team were showing signs of nervous exhaustion (well I was) and new blood was brought in. Andy Gray was persuaded to take on the editors role, Bill Purvis remained as Treasurer, I continued with production and printing services,  and Ian Grant and Malcolm Angus joined the team. More recently David Marshall has joined us to bring the perspective of the far flung corner of our parish. This renewed energy led to new features; the Parish Portrait proved very popular as did the regular Hayheck column. In keeping with our rural location Michael Stafford wrote a great farming column for a year. We also encourage new writers e.g. Ella Scott with her music reviews.