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ECA is a voluntary group of residents that undertakes a co-ordinating and enabling role in the parish. It carries out the organisation and management of a number of community activities and events throughout the year. It also has an agreement to manage the day to day activities of the Eglingham Parish Community Field, which is owned by the Parish Council.

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Oil Buying Group

Click here to see how the group works. On average the Group’s bulk buying gets about 4.5p per litre discount compared to the price for an individual buying 500litres.

Oil Buying Group

After many years of co-ordinating the scheme for the residents David Jackson has had to relinquish his post as he has left the area! He had not been able to find another resident to take on the scheme so the ECA has taken it on. Currently Geoff Osmond is in the role so if you want to join the group send an email to geoffosmond2@gmail.com and he will send you details of how it works.

The ECA have obtained funding

...to support host organisations put on cultural events in the Parish. 
Upcoming events are listed here:


The Inaugral
Festival on the Field

Squally showers, temperatures below 10°c, gusting winds. Not a great combination for a music festival... click here to read on


The inception of the ECA was supported by the Parish Council but it is completely independent of the Council. It was constituted in June 2011 with its aims stated as:

  • A unifying organisation for current and future community activities within Eglingham Parish, in terms of co-ordination and communication

  • To support and enhance the use and running of Eglingham Village Hall

  • To enable and support appropriate actions identified in the Parish Plan

  • To stimulate the use, and carry out operational management, of Eglingham school field.

Some of the things we have been involved in


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ECA organised and managed the grant application and subsequent building of the new toilet facilities and secure storage shed at the Field.

ECA attempts to maintain the tennis court and supplied a brand new tennis net. We organise tidy up days and planting up the marginal areas.

ECA Calendar

We have produced Christmas cards and three very successful calendars as a way of engendering a community spirit and pride.

Helping new groups

The ECA helps new “not for profit” groups wanting to set up in the Parish. We assisted the Swing Dance group to get up and running, helping them create an organisational structure. Additionally we set up a discretionary grant scheme offering £50 to new groups who wish to establish activities in the Parish. The Camera and Astronomy Club was the first to benefit from this scheme.

ECA Assets

The ECA owns a fully portable Public Address (PA) System, available for use by any properly constituted group in the Parish for free. For private use or for those outside the Parish, there is a small charge. There is also a CD/multi device playing deck that can take iPhones, MP3 players

Getting involved

If you would like to join ECA or get involved with any of the activities, please contact any of the Committee Members:

Bill Penfold, Julian Tyley, Malcolm Angus, Joanne Angus, Geoff Osmond and Margaret Bell


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