The Proposed Eglingham Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Following discussions and a presentation from a County Council officer, the Parish Council has resolved to pursue the adoption of a Neighbourhood plan. In doing so, it follows some thirty-eight other Parish Councils across the County. The plan will be designed to co-ordinate with the strategic policies of the emerging Northumberland local plan and will clearly set out the aspirations of the community in relation to certain areas of development.

A steering group has been established; the Parish has been ‘designated’ as an area suitable for a Neighbourhood plan; and basic information has been collated in the form of a Background Information document. That document much more fully explains the potential benefits of a Neighbourhood plan; the Parish Council’s objectives; the matters presently proposed to be addressed by the Neighbourhood plan; and how the Parish Council hopes to engage local people in an exercise which is intended to benefit our communities for many years to come.

Readers are invited and encouraged to read the Background Information document which is available below. Copies are also available at Eglingham and South Charlton Village Halls.

The steering group comprises the following Parish Councillors: David Alston (Chairman of the Parish Council), Andy Gray and David Biesterfield. In addition, Peter Ridgway has been invited to join the group as he has extensive planning experience. As North Charlton is currently unrepresented, we would encourage applications from someone living there to join the group.

The Parish Council’s principal motivations for seeking to adopt a Neighbourhood plan for the Parish are:

(1) to investigate and establish the value of the landscapes comprising and abutting the Parish;

(2) through the introduction of a Design Code, to ensure that (principally residential) development within the Parish is of a scale, design and quality in keeping with the existing character of our villages and their settings (while allowing for appropriate innovation and originality).

Other areas proposed to be covered by the Neighbourhood plan are:

  • The possible reintroduction of settlement boundaries for Eglingham and South Charlton and the creation of one, for the first time, for North Charlton.

  • The designation of Local Green Spaces in each settlement.

However, the consultation that this article begins also aims to identify other ideas that the Neighbourhood plan might incorporate (although, as the Background Information document explains, there are regulatory constraints limiting their scope).

We Need your feedback

The Parish Council is very keen to maximise community engagement and to that end:

  • As well as the Background Information document and its supporting material, updates regarding the process will be published on the PC’s website: and in Hear Abouts;

  • Parish residents, businesses and stakeholders are encouraged to complete and return the questionnaire (linked below). Copies are also available from, Eglingham and South Charlton Village Halls (guidance on how to complete and return the questionnaire is contained within it);

  • There will be meetings at Eglingham and South Charlton village halls, Monday 30th September (SCVH) and Tuesday 1st October (EgVH) from 6 – 7 p.m. At these meetings, members of the steering group will be available to listen to the ideas of constituents and to answer their questions;

  • In addition or alternatively, local people are invited to submit their further questions and/or ideas in writing to: . Those questions and comments should be submitted by not later than Friday 11th October. 

As the Neighbourhood Plan takes shape, the Parish Council will keep local people informed of developments. The Parish Council hopes that the eventual document will serve our communities well and enhance their influence and input in terms of NCC’s decisions affecting us all.


Eglingham Parish Neighbourhood Plan - Background Info


Appendix 1 - Eglingham Parish Socio-Economic Data

Appendix 2 - Eglingham Conservation Area Appraisal

Appendix 3 - Listed Buildings

Appendix 4 - Registered Assets

Plan A - Eglingham Parish Boundary

Plan B - Eglingham Settlement Boundary

Plan C - South Charlton Settlement Boundary